Thursday, July 2, 2015

An heirloom from Twin Bridges

Last summer I spent (an absolutely unforgettable) 3 weeks in Montana as a sabbatical, one week of which I spent at Sweetgrass Rods, as sort of a mini-internship. I split lots of cane and pulled strips with Glenn and helped out with glueing. After work they'd always hand me a few demo rods to fish with until it got dark, and Luca even took me to the Beaverhead and the Ruby. I sanded some blanks as well, and when my time was up, Dave not only said there'd be a job waiting for me with them if I ever moved to Montana,  but also that he'd finish up one of the rods I started work on and would send it to me. I was sad to leave, and grateful for the time they allowed me to spend there. All I really wanted and expected out of the whole experience was a little insight into Sweetgrass and a fulfillment of the requirements of my sabbatical, which I got, but I also made some good friends that I hope to see again soon someday, and was able to witness a part of fly fishing history that most people never will, getting a rod out of it was a very unexpected but much appreciated bonus.

I kept in touch with some of the guys there, and a few weeks ago, Dave mentioned that my rod was finished. I was excited as I tracked the package on it's way from Twin Bridges to Switzerland, and when it finally arrived, I opened it up and, no exaggeration, got a little lump in my throat and was taken completely by surprise. I was eagerly expecting a demo rod, like the ones I'd used while I was there, shipped in a PVC tube or something, with a basic reel seat, guides, wraps, etc. Instead there was a Sweetgrass logo'd metal tube, I unscrewed it and pulled out a 7'9" #5, with an agate guide, a beautiful seat, signature red wraps and bamboo winding check. Most touching of all, the inscription on the rod: "Built for Oliver with gratitude from the Booboys"

As beautiful as it is, it deserves to be fished, and fish I did. I probably won't be throwing weighted streamers on it, but balanced with a Fishon Agate it casts a dry on a DT5 like a dream. Last year's trip to Montana was absolutely unforgettable, and a souvenir like this is just icing on the cake. Thank you, Booboys.

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