Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Wrap, Week 40

Here's what's interesting (according to me, at least) in the world of fly fishing this week:


How the Government Shutdown Affect your Fishing: They closed Yellowstone. If I happen to be on a trip to fish in a spot that gets shut down because a bunch of childish mouthbreathers can't manage to act like adults, hooooooly shit.

Climate Change Spells Trouble for Anglers: More depressing news. "The science is telling us that in the lifespan of a child born today, 50 percent of the habitat suitable for coldwater species of fish will no longer be suitable for them."  I should stop believing in Science, it obviously works for some people. Mostly the same ones that shut down Yellowstone.

Fishing for Schools: how to get kids hooked on learning: A charity that gets kids into fishing. Can't argue with that.

Deals and giveaways:

Subscribe to the Pulp Fly newsletter, get a chance to win an Abel reel.

Subscribe to Fly Fishing and Fly tying Magazine (UK), get a free Grey's GRXi Fly line.


Trout in Plain Sight: a 30 minute film on fly fishing in Patagonia

An interesting video on British poachers. I hate poachers. Especially British ones.

April Vokey teaching Steve Harvey how to cast.

My First Fish:  A beautiful short film about a dad taking his son flyfishing. Guaranteed to tear up Dads, Dads with Dads, Dads without Dads, and Dads with Dad issues. (I'm looking at you, guy who gets a lump in his throat when he listens to Cat Stevens singing "Father and Son")

7 Degrees South: The full 1 hour+ long movie about fly fishing Alphonse Island. I've only watched the trailer, it was great, and as soon as I have some time I'll watch this.

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