Saturday, December 7, 2013

This Christmas, support the little guy!

I have a soft spot for handcrafted, unique items. Maybe the flyfisher in your life does too, or maybe they'd rather buy a handmade lanyard from a mother of two in Arkansas than from a global corporation.

I browsed through Etsy for some handmade, fly fishing related items that are sure to please any flyfisher this holiday season, and here are my favorites:

Mike Worthen Fine Art

Gorgeous, black and white sketch prints of flyfishing scenes. For me, these prints evoke the past, these could be my grandfather's hands, as seen by a five year old me.

Laurel Mountain Lanyards

I'm still warming up to the idea of a lanyard, but they certainly have their place, and Laurel Mountain Lanyards offers large variety of reasonably priced and very fetching lanyards.

 Equally fetching lanyards, but differently so.

I absolutely love her whimsical and intricate take on fishing artwork. One of these will land on the wall above my bench before 2014 is out.


I ordered a few hats from block print artist Jonathan Marquardt a few months back, one for myself, and one for each of my little kids. Despite having a ton of hats, the trucker hat from BadAxe is my favorite. I'm particularly short on hair, so for me to brave the Swiss winter in a mesh cap says quite a bit.

Fishing for Gyotaku

Traditiononal Japanese fish printing. Extremely cool looking, and would likely make an excellent gift for a Tenkara fan in particular.


Shawn Bichsel is another artist, providing his designs as prints, cards, and wooden business card holders. His take on a mayfly:

TafSchaefer Designs

Handmade brass belt buckles with a Royal Wulff. Awesome.

If you can, think of the little guy while shopping this year and consider buying a gift or two made one at a time, by hand, and by an individual. You'll be helping them have a nice Christmas too!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I looked through each link and enjoyed what each has to offer. I agree with "Unique", Oliver.